I started my “briansexton” account on WordPress.com because I wanted to have “briansexton” as my user name instead of my original “dvdguide” user name—a relic of when WordPress.com blog host names such as dvdguide.wordpress.com were determined only by user names. It sounded easy enough: support for multiple blogs was announced by Matt Mullenweg on April 5th, 2006; blogs could already be deleted; and blogs can now be created apart from matching user names. It seemed that I would be able to simply delete my blog at dvdguide.wordpress.com then recreate it with my “briansexton” account. Unfortunately for me, deleting my “dvdguide” blog did not merely result in the loss of the blog, but also in the unexpected permanent disability of the dvdguide.wordpress host name, which the WordPress.com team had not at the time disclosed in their documentation about blog deletion.

So here I am with a blog I have barely touched, but which I may yet use for interacting with other WordPress.com users and for keeping track of various WordPress projects and issues of interest.  My personal Web site—including my personal journal—remains accessible via http://www.briansexton.com/.

DVD Guide remains accessible via http://www.dvdguide.com/.

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